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Years ago, Donna and Patricia both started family child care businesses. Donna was already an educator, Patricia decided to become one. Donna and Patricia became NAFCC Nationally Accredited, joined their state associations and got involved. Patricia began teaching workshops. Donna began advocacy work. They each started quality improvement projects for their state associations. Then they both became board members of NAFCC, each eventually  serving as President.

Donna began creating content and running coaching projects for a leading curriculum company; Patricia began publishing books and training on curriculum and business practices, and delivering motivational keynotes. Five years ago, they teamed up to run coaching projects for states, QRIS agencies, Head Start, Early Head Start, school districts and the military that are inclusive of family child care.

This experience brought to light one major flaw in supporting lasting quality improvements in family child care: the need to “respect the spectrum” within the field of family child care. Community Coaching was created in 2020 to solve this issue.

Patricia and Donna are committed to to communicate both within the early childhood education field and outside of the field the unique contributions of family child care and gain these business owners the level of respect they have earned, to provide support to this field from those who understand it, and to bring together a community of fellow family child care business owners in every quality improvement project we design that will provide support long after the project is finished and give family child care business owners a sustainable path for their careers in the early childhood education field.
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