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From Babysitter to Business Owner

Getting the Most Out of Your Home Child Care Business

Family childcare homes provide care for hundreds of thousands of children every day. From Babysitter to Business Owner offers tried-and-true strategies for implementing established professional business practices in the home daycare environment, including:
  • Developing a thorough parent handbook
  • Selecting new clients
  • Setting business goals
  • Selecting an appropriate curriculum
  • Creating “work” spaces in your home
Practical and easy to read, From Babysitter to Business Owner has everything home daycare providers need to make their business succeed.

Because I Loved You

A Birthmother's View of Open Adoption

For the first time, a birthmother shares a story where regrets are replaced with respect, pain is replaced with love, and secrecy is replaced with honesty. Author Patricia Dischler provides a poignant and moving narrative, notable for its honesty. Patricia chose an open adoption arrangement for her son Joe in 1985. He is now an adult and their story has come full circle.

Teaching the 3 Cs

Creativity, Curiosity, and Courtesy: Activities That Build a Foundation for Success

Research shows that children with positive social skills, a creative nature, and a love of learning experience success in later school years. This resource shows how to promote school readiness by giving young students a desire to learn, teaching them how to learn, and nurturing empathy, emotional intelligence, and problem solving. The book provides:
  • Abundant activities that are fun, easy to use, and developmentally appropriate
  • Engaging sidebars highlighting teacher/student dialogue
  • Methods for integrating the 3 Cs into the curriculum and meeting state standards
  • Recommendations of related children’s books

The Patty Cake Kids

And the Lost Imagination Cap

Periwinkle, a family child care provider, leads her daycare children on a search for Austin’s lost imagination cap. All the other children have found theirs, and with creativity they quickly discover the many possible locations for Austin’s hat. But poor Austin has no luck until he unlocks the secret – and his imagination – and discovers he held the answer all along! Filled with bright colors and beautiful illustrations, The Patty Cake Kids inspires readers towards cooperative problem solving and creativity.

Tea Party Celebrations

Baking, Costuming, Etiquette and other Tea Party Activities for Your Child Care Program that Promote Social Skills, Problem Solving, Creativity & So Much More!

101 Tips and Tricks

Ideas to make your job easier, save you money and save you time in your childcare business

Ideas to make your job easier, save you money and save you time in your child care business! All the little tricks of the trade you wish you could find out shared in one booklet – based on Patricia’s most popular workshop!