Keynotes & Presentations

Community Coaching Signature Presentation:

Coaching and Mentoring Family Child Care:
Understanding This Unique Journey in ECE

Presented by Patricia Dischler

This session will outline the stages of family child care as part of an Early Care and Education career. When coaches and mentors identify and support family child care professionals at the stage they are currently in, with strategies for moving to the next stage, they are better equipped to move quality forward.  Participants will leave with strategies for building successful relationships and fresh approaches to the professional development and quality improvement opportunities they offer family child care professionals.

Other Presentations:

Early Childhood & Child Care

If you are working in the early childhood and child care field, what an amazing opportunity! You have the power to change the life of a child. And I want to ensure that happens for you. I offer a variety of tools for helping you be the best you can be in this field, to improve the effectiveness of your teaching, your relationships with the families you serve, the success of your child care business, the success of your association, and help you build the skills that will make you a leader!

If you only know what you’re struggling with but don’t know what the solutions are, then contact us  to set up a consulting call and I’ll help you make a plan for change!

If you know what help you need, check out my books, products, articles, blog, newsletter and speaking topics to see which solutions is the best fit for you!



An engaging speaker, inspirational role model, and former teacher, author Patricia Dischler can deliver a presentation that brings out the writer in each student in your school! From inspiring Kindergarteners by demonstrating how a children’s book is made to motivating Middle-School and High School students to pursue publishing. Every presentation provides guidance on how students can expand their writing skills, where to find inspiring topics, how to build on ideas, create more descriptive writing and use editing to their advantage.


Looking for fun activities to do with your child? Or maybe a more positive approach to discipline? Or maybe you’re looking into adoption and could use some guidance? Patricia shares her years of experience of providing child care, along with her personal experience as a birthmother, in her many articles, books and training programs to help support parents. Learn how to make memorable experiences with your child and build a relationship built on trust and love!

Universities and Colleges

Patricia’s career as an author began with the support and encouragement of an English professor at Edgewood College and since then she’s determined to do what she can to provide support to other professors and to students too! We offer a variety of presentations to inspire and inform!

Associations & Agencies

Are you a business owner or association leader from an organization that cares about children? Do you work to improve the lives of children? Do you want to grow as a leader and inspire others as you work to make a difference in the life of a child? Agencies and associations that care about children need to go beyond their mission of serving children’s needs and also ensure a healthy organization with good people, productive processes, and a strong vision for the work they do. My years of experience as a business owner of three different businesses and board member for several non-profit associations, including President of the National Association for Family Child Care, has not only contributed to my growth as a leader in the industry, but provided me with the experience to help grow new leaders. From board development, communication practices, marketing and strategic planning, I have helped guide business owners and boards to success! My leadership strategies guide new leaders, build strong organizations, and as with everything I do, inspires growth through creative thinking and strategies that are definitely outside the box! Tap into Pat’s leader development and business growth resources! Contact me directly and we can set up some consulting services to bring your organization to its full potential!


Patricia Dischler is a nationally recognized speaker and author who inspires audiences with her creative ideas and inspiring presentations. Her personal story of placing her son in a ground breaking open adoption in 1985 and the lessons learned apply to all adoptions. Her book Because I Loved You has been hailed as a “roadmap to open adoption” and endorsed by five national adoption agencies including the Adoption Institute. Patricia identifies key concepts that every member of the adoption triad can benefit from and helps parents, birth families and counselors find their own path to success by focusing on what is best for the child. As Patricia says, “You can never have too many people love a child.”

YOU Make a Difference

Everyone hopes their life has meaning and an impact on others but how many of us let our busy lives get in the way of doing big things? Patricia helps you find opportunities to make a BIG difference in the SMALL moments of time you have in your busy day. At work, in your personal life or within your association, Patricia will help you recognize your “Moments of Opportunity” and make a real difference!

TOGETHER We Make a Difference

Does your association need to grow stronger? Bigger? Smarter? Motivate your membership and guide your Board of Directors to create a solid structure for decision making and goal setting, and most importantly: how to get things done! Members want to know that they are a part of an organization that accomplishes the mission so Patricia customizes this presentation to include your organization’s mission and reach your specific audience on how to get involved and get excited about the work you do!

Growing Leaders

Do you want to motivate your membership to get more involved in your association? Patricia can help get your team excited about making a difference and give them the leadership skills they’ll need to get the job done. In this session, participants will learn key leadership strategies for success and learn how to “grow leaders” from within the organization to keep your organization strong for the future.

Strategic Doing

This segment helps guide your board into real work, taking your strategic plan and building from it policies that will support the work, a work plan that will track accomplishments, and operating procedures to facilitate communications during role changes. Learn how to create a system that not only starts getting things done now, but helps your organization stay consistent in it over time and throughout position changes.

Organizational Planning: Who Do We Want to Be?

Whether you are just forming your association or working to grow your association, organizational planning is a must. Creating a vision that will point everyone in the right direction is essential to success. But it’s got to be more than a goal – you’ve got to know how you’re going to accomplish those goals. You may be starting with a clean slate, or maybe you need to clear the slate! Sometimes starting over with fresh ideas is just what you need to revive a failing organization. These conversations can be tough: not everyone will agree. Then what? Patricia can help guide your group through tough choices (or changes) to get your organization off on the right foot. Topics covered are: Organization name, Mission Statement, Bylaws, Policies, Board Governance, Committees, and more!

Policy Governance Model

The John Carver Policy Governance Model can serve as a breath of fresh air for a stagnant organization. Patricia guides your association board through policy choices that focus on the outcomes and separates the work versus the vision so everyone’s roles are clear and things get done!

Babies to Bosses: Leadership Strategies from the Early Childhood Field

Ever feel like your team is behaving like a bunch of preschoolers? Truth is: they are! Early childhood brain research shows that 90% of the brain is formed by age four. This session connects the dots between a quality early childhood experience and becoming a model employee. Learn leadership strategies that will help you hire quality employees with the potential you’re looking for, control your group of “preschoolers” and build a strong team that gets along, collaborates, and using their creativity along the way. Through hands on activities and group collaboration get to know your team’s “inner child” that can be the catalyst for happiness and productivity in the workplace!