Family Child Care Spectrum© & Balance© Evaluation & Reports

Coaching Family Child Care A New Approach

by Patricia Dischler

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When we launched our family child care businesses, we each had different reasons for starting. We also had different ideas on what it would look like and what our role would be. We had different views of our future in this business. But as the years passed, and we made connections in the field and became more involved, we each started to see things for our futures that we had not considered earlier in our careers. Patricia Dischler was first to become a leader in a national organization, and it was here that our paths merged and are now forever forged toward our newest goal: coaching and mentoring others through this often confusing, winding path through a career in family child care. Read the full article >>>

Community Coaching has developed The Family Child Care Spectrum© Report and the Family Child Care Balance© Report and Evaluation to help guide coaches and administrators in supporting quality growth in the family child care field. These reports can provide a clear picture of what is working, and what is not, in your current system and give insight to where efforts will have the biggest impact.